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03 August, 2022


The library has created a brand new landing page for all of your library needs. From here you can expect to find all the information necessary for understanding the library’s services and your entitlements as a member.

You may also access the catalogue directly from the home page, as well as various other useful collections of resources, including eBooks, eResources, Quick Links and more including digital resources.


The home page covers a variety of services that are available across our three campus libraries, including Dunfermline, Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy. These include:

  • Catalogue – used to access the online Heritage catalogue to see our available stock. This includes the shelfmarks, campus availability, as well as access to some eBooks.
  • Contact Us –  If you ever need to get in touch with the library, this page contains all the information you need. From telephone numbers to our email address, and even information on opening hours.
  • eBooks – Access targeted searches for ebooks in the . This page also contains useful links to other ebook sites.
  • eResources – Our database of useful online resources. You can search our collection for valuable tools to use during your research for a variety of different courses.
  • Lending – The many resources available from the library are here to support your education. The rules for loaning and returning these vary depending on the item, so this page serves to provide some guidelines for the various policies.
  • Referencing – During your studies you will be frequently required to display accurate referencing for your research. This includes references within the body of the text and a bibliography. Fife College uses the Harvard Referencing format, so this page will get you acquainted with the style.
  • Room Bookings – Some of our libraries have room available for private study. This includes free to use walk-in rooms, as well as bookable rooms. Check out this page to understand what facilities are available.
  • Printing – While logged into your Fife College account you will be able to access printing services throughout the campuses. This page will assist you in understanding how to print, as well as the various other print related services like laminating and binding.  
  • About Us – As a student or member of staff at the college, you are entitled to a membership at the library. This page is designed to help you understand what that means, as well as guiding you through useful processes such as your NEC application.
  • Shelving Guides – The shelfmarks at the library categorise our resources by subject. This guide is designed to help you find the most relevant research materials by pointing you straight towards your preferred topics.
  • Research Skills – This link will take you to our Ilearn course on research skills. Here you can enhance the skills you use on a daily basis to get the most of your studies.

Digital Services

In addition to the library services, the home page also includes some information on the Digital Services at Fife College. You can also access the Digital Services page, which contains contact information in addition to various resources and short courses. These are designed to help you master all of the digital tools you have access to during your studies at Fife College.

Skills Enhancement

The library has also put together a collection of useful Ilearn based resources to help enhance your various skills. Rather than being subject specific, these aim at more general study and digital based skills. While not mandatory, these courses and resources will be extremely valuable in providing you with extra support around your studies. Check out each one to see if there are any topics you would like to strengthen.

News and Social Media

Our new home page also serves as a useful visiting point in order to keep up to date with the latest news and social media posts. While you can access our social media through the “Contact Us” icon, you can also find a Twitter timeline at the bottom of the home page. This is in addition to dedicated news posts that will keep you informed on the most recent developments at the library. Check it out regularly to stay in the know.

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