Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

Search an archive of over 2 million TV and radio broadcasts

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is powered by Learning on Screen to provide an on demand TV and Radio service specifically for Learning Institutions. As a member of Fife College, whether staff or student, you will be able to access BoB for educational resources, consisting of 75 free-to-air channels, in addition to an archive of over 2 million broadcasts.

The permanent archives are comprised of content from 9 channels: BBC1 London / BBC2 / BBC4 / ITV London / Channel 4 / More4 / Channel 5 / BBC Radio 4 / BBC Radio 4 Extra

While the content you record can only be accessed within the UK, you can rest assured that recordings have no expiry date. Recordings can also be scheduled ahead of time, as well edited, converted into clips and added to playlists. These services are accessible both on and off campus.

Browser Requirements

In order to access BoB, you will need to make sure your current browser meets the minimum requirements. Compatible browsers include:

  • Edge 12 (or later)
  • Google Chrome 49 (or later)
  • Internet Explorer 11 – Windows 8 (and above)
  • Mozilla Firefox 44 (or later)
  • Safari 8 (or later)

Signing in

Following the link on our E-Resources list, or throughout this webpage, will allow you to sign in using your Fife College login details.

Terms of Use

Before accessing BoB, it’s important to understand the limitations of the service.

  • Box of Broadcasts is available solely as an online service. You will not be able to download any recordings to view offline.
  • You will only be permitted to view recordings while based in the UK.
  • Content accessed through BoB can only be shared for use by students and staff belonging to a subscribed institution.
  • Embedding any content from BOB for educational use must be properly referenced, including the programme title and ERA. For advice on citing programming accessed on BoB, see Cite them right.
  • See BoB Terms and Conditions for full details

Additional Help

Learning on Screen offers a variety of resources to help navigate through BoB.

For further help and information on BoB, please contact or speak to a member of the Library Team.

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