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This course has been created to improve the support for anyone who may be neurodiverse. Specifically, those who have dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D, or are on the autistic spectrum. Learn more about each of these conditions and what steps you could take to provide support to your learners or colleagues, leading to an improved experience for all.

To access the course you must first log in. Click on the ‘login to enroll’ button in the Get Started box above. You will be given the option to login (if you already have a registered account) or register with your own email address. Once you have logged in click the ‘Enrol here’ button above then access the course here.

It is expected that the full course will take around 1 hour, although you can study the four sections individually in shorter chunks of time.  Or, you may take longer if you explore the links for further reading. Once you have completed the course remember to mark it as complete below the course.

Note there is a test at the end with a 70% pass mark. You can take a screen shot for your own records, as there is no certificate.

How we can support others, in summary (adapted from Autism Network Scotland):

Inclusive approachDyslexiaDyspraxiaADHDAutism
Give me clear instructions with limited stepsxxxx
Visualise what you need from me.xxxx
Have learning available for me digitally with easier read fonts.xxxx
Write in bullet points, with darker coloured pens (allow me to take photos of the board).xxxx
Print resources in colour for me and allow me to use assistive technology.xxxx
Give me time to answer questions.xxxx
Allow me time to write down important date/notes and remind me.xxxx
Say my name before addressing me.xx
Use different ways of explaining things (video, audio, etc).xxxx
Don’t tell me what I don’t need to do… tell me what to do.xxxx
Say it straight – be clear with me.x
Tell me things I need to know in the order I need to do them.xxxx
Tell me when I have done well. Tell me what I have done well.xxxx
Be patient with me!xxxx
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