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The Digital & Creative Industries make a significant impact on Scotland’s economic and cultural well-being, it is the fastest growing economic sector and depends on your creativity, talents and skills.

Our courses place a strong emphasis on practical projects to help you develop your work-ready skill-sets. You’ll develop knowledge and skills by responding to challenging creative briefs; sharing ideas, experimenting, problem solving, collaborating, delivering products and reflecting on process. Your confidence will build as you liaise with clients, plan the creative process and meet tight deadlines.

As your skills build, you’ll help meet the growing consumer demand for products, services and innovation that make the Creative Economy an exciting sector.

We will help you develop your talents through; art and design, graphic design, jewellery, music, theatre, dance, fashion, photography, radio, film, television, journalism, web-design, computer games, events, social media, advertising, promotion, marketing, e-commerce, app development, data management, networking, cyber-security and more.

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Library & Digital LearningFashion & Performing Arts (Media Space) Conference CentreTab 4
Library and Learning Innovation HubCreative Industries (Digital)Tab 3
Atrium & LibrarySports & FitnessArt & FashionCreative Industries (Digital)Hair & BeautyTab 6
Leven CampusTab 2

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