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When your account gets setup for the first time you will receive an email to your personal email for setting up a new password. Any issues with this process please pop into one of our libraries or email digital@fife.ac.uk.

To login for the first time to any device or any college service you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter your Fife College email address, for example, “0000000@fife.ac.uk“, in the email field and click “Next”.
  2. Enter your password in the password field and click “Sign in”. If this is your first time logging in (you may be prompted to change your password if you get a temporary password setup).
  3. If MFA is setup you’ll get a notification or text to approve your login.

Useful links

Chromebooks are lightweight laptops that run on Google’s Chrome OS operating system. They are designed for online use, with most applications and documents stored in the cloud. Chromebooks are easy to use and have a long battery life. They are commonly used in Fife College as they provide easy access to online learning tools and resources such as Microsoft 365 & iLearn.

You can use your NEC card to borrow a chromebook from our Lapsafe cabinets or you can request a 7 day loan from the library.

If you require a long term loan for a Chromebook please speak to your lecturer or guidance team.

MyDesktop is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service that provides students with access to a Windows desktop environment, software applications, and files stored on the college’s network. It allows students to access their desktop and applications from any device with an internet connection. MyDesktop provides a secure and efficient way for students to access college resources and work on their assignments remotely.

Desktop PCs are usually more powerful than laptops and are ideal for tasks that require a lot of processing power, such as video editing, graphic design, and gaming. Fife College provides desktop PCs for students to use in computer labs and other areas on campus such as the library.

Macs are personal computers designed and developed by Apple Inc. They are known for their advanced software features, stability, and reliability, and are commonly used in creative industries. At Fife College, students have access to Macs in designated areas on campus, which are equipped with software applications relevant to their courses.

It is Fife College policy for staff and student accounts to authenticate your log on using Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to access services such as Office 365 and MyDesktop when you are outside the College network.

You may already be using MFA for online shopping or banking – it’s a very common security step in place now, in order to better protect accounts from criminals who try to steal user accounts and passwords, and then use them for harmful or criminal activities.

What you need to know

Multi-factor authentication will impact you if you access Office 365, Teams and/or MyDesktop from home, or anywhere else not part of the College network. You will not be prompted to authenticate when studying on site using the college network.

Additional Information

Multi-Factor Authentication for Fife College Student Accounts

For further details about multi-factor authentication click/tap the buttons on the right.

What you need to do

Before this, as explained in the Sway ‘Fife College Student MFA setup guide’ in the additional information area below, you will either need to download and install an authenticator app on a mobile device, or set your account to receive a code sent to you by text message to use to access your Office 365 account, Teams or My Desktop.

Please take the opportunity to use these to ask any questions about this process, or get some help by emailing digital@fife.ac.uk

Additional Information

Fife College Student MFA setup guide

For further details about multi-factor authentication click/tap the buttons on the right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MFA a college requirement?

MFA will be enabled for the whole College in due course and we will work with College staff and students to help MFA work for them. 

The default/recommended option is to use an App which is available for iOS/Android. The second notification is to receive a text on your personal mobile phone, this can be used on non smartphones too.

Do I have to use MFA each time I login?

For most Fife College services that people connect to they will have the option to trust this device for 30 days and will therefore not be constantly prompted to MFA. However, some systems require additional security and therefore will prompt every time.

Does MFA work over Wi-Fi?

Yes, MFA does work over Wi-Fi or a mobile connection(when using app notifications). You can access the app without a Wi-Fi or a mobile connection as this provides a code to authenticate when accessing the app. For most Fife College services that people connect to they will have the option to trust this device for 30 days and will therefore not be constantly prompted to MFA. However, some systems require additional security and therefore will prompt every time.

How do I add a second multi factor method?

Please go to Microsoft Sign-ins security page
Select “Add method” at the top of the options box.

You can then choose from a selection of methods. See screenshot below for guidance:

I’ve received an unexpected text message or an App notification

Please decline the app notification and contact the Digital Service Desk (digital@fife.ac.uk) who can investigate further.

What if I lose my phone?

Please contact the Service Desk (digital@fife.ac.uk). You can also set up a second device in case this happens.

What if I do not have a suitable device to authenticate?

Please complete the Exclusion Form using this link. The results will be reviewed and analysed by Digital Services.

NEC Overview & Video Tutorial

NEC Process
Apply for your NEC
Requires a student account

The college makes use of the National Entitlement Card (NEC) to take advantage of the RFID abilities of the card without having the increase in expense and production time involved in adding RFID to the Student ID Card. Follow the steps on the left or watch the video tutorial below:

To access digital support you can do the following:


Contact digital@fife.ac.uk – this will create a support ticket which will get actioned by the relevant team.


Phone 01592 223333 – this will give you direct support with a helpdesk technician.

Digital Resources

Our Digital Resources site has lots of information and guides related to most things digital at Fife College

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