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Exhibition Walkaround
HMP Barlinnie
HMP Castle Huntly
HMP Cornton Vale

HMP Dumfries

HMP Edinburgh

Hooked on crochet, not self harm

HMP Glenochil

Peace, War and National Suffering (war)

Utilising Stenographic techniques, pastel and paint. Three Panels representing Peace, War and National suffering following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Cat and Mouse Games

Automated – the cat moves and tries to catch a moving mouse when you turn the handle. This piece was created to explore the connection between drop cams and physical movement as well as bevel gears, this connection was particularly difficult to achieve. I enclosed half the movement so as to be able to show how the world of automation/engineering connects with the shock and awe of a child playing with a toy.

The Showman and The Entertainer

A Piano Player which moves and plays music when you turn the handle and Marionette who dances to music when you turn the handle – Inspired by connecting with my childhood with lego the free moving hands on making pieces connect and all work together for a positive interesting outcome.

The Showman
The Entertainer

HMP Greenock

HMP Grampian
HMP Inverness


HMP Low Moss
HMP Perth

Portrait of a Man (Acrylic on board)

HMYOI Polmont
HMP Shotts
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