Fife College Digital Identity

This page gives advice on:

  • All of the digital systems at Fife College require you to sign in with your digital identity. These include things such as the computers, printers, iLearn, and your Office 365 account.

Click the bars below to view information regarding your digital identity:

Your Details

Your student ID number:

This will be in the form of 0123456 and will be given to you when you enroll at the college.

Your email address:

This will be your student number suffixed with “” so the example above would have the email address

Your password:

This will be sent to the external email address that you registered with the college when you applied for your course.

Please check your “junk” folder if you don’t see it in your inbox. If you’re still having issues finding your password please contact and someone will reset it for you.
Systems you can access as a student

The following systems can be logged into with your student ID number:

Computers & devices within the college


The following systems require your email address to log into:

Office 365 account

Logging in to your college accounts on a device not connected to the college networks


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