Glenrothes Library

As a student or member of staff at Fife College, you are entitled to a membership that grants you access to the library’s services. This includes the use of our campus facilities, such as PCs, self-service machines, quiet rooms, and, of course, our catalogue of physical and digital resources.

Our Facilities & Devices

Books for loan
Our Devices


We have a wide range of books in our libraries, you can click & collect your books follow our guide here to reserve a book online or pop into campus to browse.


3 printers are available for printing & photocopying.

Devices Available

– Desk PCs
– 96 self-service chromebooks available from the self-service lockers

Our Rooms

Our Space
Bookable Rooms
Walk-in Rooms
Glenrothes Library

Our Space

In Glenrothes Library there is a wide range of areas to sit down and study either at one of our desk PC’s, study booth or tables. No need to book a space, just pop in!

Here is the list of furniture we use in our spaces:
-28 desk pc’s
– sofas that can sit 22 students in total
– 16 positions at tables around the library in total (not pcs)
– 3 easy chairs
– 3 stools
– 3 bean bags

Glenrothes Library

Bookable rooms

– 1 bookable media room for 6 people
– bookable collab room that can house 24 students

Glenrothes Library

Walk-in Rooms

-1 walk-in quiet room for 6 people (cubicle desks)
– 1 walk-in study room for 6 people (bean bags and desks)

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