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Welcome to the library service

Familiarise yourself with the various services available to you as members of the library.

Have you applied for your NEC?

The easiest way to make use of the library’s services is via your National Entitlement Card.

Your NEC will greatly improve the accessibility of our services, such as:

  • Borrowing chromebooks from the lapsafes
  • Signing in to the printers
  • Using the self-service kiosks

Once you have applied for your NEC, you will need to follow the above link again in order to register it to your student account.

Student ID Card Application

Search the Library Catalogue

We have a wide range of resources available for you to borrow during your College course.

Your student ID card is also your Library Card. If you don’t have one you can apply for it through the Student Portal.

Student ID Card Application

How to Borrow Resources

Take the book and your student card to the Library desk or a self-service kiosk to checkout. Resources are issued for 28 days or 7 days for items in high demand. It’s possible to renew your loan providing no one else is waiting for it.

When you return the book, you can simply drop it off at the library desk at any of the campus libraries.

If you wish to reserve a book online, you can do so through the online catalogue.

Library Online Catalogue

If you need a digital device for online learning and studying from home, our Chromebook loans could help you. We have 2 options available:

  • Same day return loans for use on site (via lapsafes)
  • 1 month loans

Its important that the loan period on these devices is honoured. While you can ask to renew your loan, we ask that you do so physically at the library desk. This allows us to verify the continued good condition of the device. We do not renew devices via email or phone call.

If a loaned device is overdue, it will eventually be remotely deactivated, locking it from further use until it is returned.

Make sure you sign in to MyDesktop when using a chromebook (guide in the tabs above)

Chromebook Self Service

Students and staff wishing to borrow a Chromebook for the day can do so using the self service Chromebook lockers throughout the campuses. They provide a self-service checkout; however, you will need your NEC to scan in. Once you’ve selected “Borrow” or “Return”, simply scan your card and the lapsafe will open the correct locker. It will also automatically add or remove the device from your reader record, so there should be no need to inform the library staff.

There is even an “Accessible Borrow” option to ensure an easier to reach locker.


Referencing is an important part of your assessments. Providing credit to the work referenced in your assignments requires you to follow the strict guidelines.

Fife College uses the Harvard referencing format for both in text references and the bibliography.

You can download the guide for support with your referencing.

Referencing on Word

When using Microsoft Word, there are features you can access to help automate the referencing process a little.

Please read our guide to referencing on Word to learn how to incorporate these tools into your citations.

Cite Them Right is an online platform designed to advise students on how to reference correctly across eight referencing styles. Visit for more information.

Fife College uses a virtual desktop client called MyDesktop to provide students with access to various college applications remotely.

Students should familiarise themselves with how to access MyDesktop, not just so that they can work from home, but also to make the most use of our devices on campus, such as the Chromebooks or library PCs.

You need MyDesktop to access:

  • Printers
  • Microsoft Office desktop apps versions
  • Apps such as Photoshop


Teams will be one of your primary means of communication with your lecturers and classmates. It’s important that you familiarise yourself with it, as it is commonly used to post/share classwork.


Students and staff will also regularly communicate via their college emails. You can access this quickly via the Outlook app. Simply sign in with your student ID and password.

Accessing the Student Portal

This includes access to:

  • Your student funding payments and schedules
  • Your attendance
  • You current timetable
  • Your address and contact details
  • Your current course applications and/or unit enrolments
  • Your units and outcomes

Contact Information

You can call the library or Digital Services during open hours regarding any queries or assistance you might require.

Library Contact Details

Dunfermline – 01383 845127

Kirkcaldy – 01592 223410

Glenrothes – 01592 223038

Email –

Digital Services Contact Details

Phone – 01592 223333

Email –

Social Media

Follow our social media to stay up to date with news and events concerning the library.

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