Where Can You Print?

The college has many printers available to students, all of which operate on the same network. This means that regardless of where you click print, you can pick it up from any of our printers. You can even move between campuses and still collect it. However, the print request will eventually timeout after a certain number of hours.

The libraries in particular provide multiple printers. If you are ever struggling to find a printer, just ask a member of staff to point you towards the nearest one. Alternatively, the library is always an easy and reliable option.

Multi functional Printing Device

How to Print

When using one of the campus devices, whether they be PCs or chromebooks, printing is a simple thing. Simply locate the print option on the page you wish to use, or simply right click to find it. From there you will want to ensure you are printing to either “Mono_Print on sdprint02” for black and white images, and “Colour_Print on sdprint02” for colour images.

Print options
Extended print options

You will also want to ensure your printing preferences are accurate. The menu’s appearance will differ depending on what app you are printing from.

Make sure you are printing the right document size. The default is typically A4, so change this if you want an A3 piece. Also be sure to check the orientation is to your preference.

Finally, select whether it will print double sided or not. This is usually the default. Additionally, even when selecting Colour_Print, double check the setting is “color” in the preferences.

Users struggling to print via the above mentioned means can always email a document directly to the printers. Using your college email address, simply attach the document you wish to print and address it to

This isn’t always the most efficient method, as it doesn’t always print in colour. However, it’s a good last resort, or if you are using a device that doesn’t belong to the college.

Collecting Your Prints

Collecting your printed items is convenient at the college due to all of the printers being Connected. Simply approach any of the campus printers and login using your Fife College ID (Student number or Staff Name). Do not include the “” part of your login. Press the buttons for “User” and “Password”, not the input bars. Then click login to complete the sign in.

This is made even easier when using your NEC card. Once your profile is synced up with the system, you can simply scan your card to login.

Printer login screen
Printer interface
Printer lid opened for scanning a document

From there it’s a simply matter of selecting “Pull Print” to begin printing any documents you sent.


You can also use the printers to scan and email documents, or even copy them. You can also adjust some settings at the printer, such as the number of copies or the colour.

Lift the top panel on the printer like in the picture and place the documents on the scanner. Select “E-mail” if you simply wish to make a digital copy. Type in the email address of the recipient and then click “scan”. This should then activate the option to click “send”. Make sure the paper is right up in the top left corner, otherwise the scanner will fail to detect anything.

You can also select “configure” and highlight “job build” if you wish to scan multiple documents into a single email.

Adding Printing Credit

When you first begin your course, the college will allocate you a set amount of printing credit to get you started. However, if you print a lot of work, you will eventually see that your printing credit has runout. You will need to pay in order to top up your credit.

To do this, you can ask the library staff. You can pay with either cash or credit, and the staff will immediately place it into your account for use right away.

Binding, Laminating and Stationery

Image of a book


Binded document

Another service offered by the library is binding. If you have a large stack of building up that you would like to keep orderly, you turn it into a work booklet via our binder. The device is available at the library for use.

You will need to bring binding combs or covers to the binder, which can be purchased at the library front desk. Ask the staff if you are uncertain how to use the device.


The library offers laminating services for anyone looking to make their prints more presentable and sturdy. Students and staff can use the laminating service for projects on A3, A4 and A5 paper.

Much like with printing, there is a cost for laminating. Speak to the library staff regarding payments. The staff will also operate the laminator for you.

Laminator sitting on a desk


The library can assist you with various stationery needs. In need of basic supplies such as pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, plastic wallets and more? It’s worth stopping by the library to check if we have what you need.

Glenrothes library accepts cash and credit payments for any purchases made. Sales at Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy are cash only.

Lots of different stationary
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