In addition to the libraries, private study spaces are available in connection with the library service. These range from quiet walk-in rooms to bookable meeting rooms. You can ask the library staff for a breakdown of library affiliated rooms, and even arrange a booking at the front desk. The rooms include:


The Dunfermline Campus library offers a quiet individual study space for anyone looking to work in peace. Situated by the entrance, right next to the front desk, the room facilitates approximately 6 students.

The room requires a booking to use, so speak to the library staff to arrange a time and date. Students can bring in a chromebook for any digital work.


N4.3 – Media Room (Bookable)

The Media Room is one of the bookable rooms within the Glenrothes Campus library. Small groups of students and/or staff can use the room to work on group projects or meetings. The monitor in the room can be connected to a chromebook for a convenient central display. The large desk also allows everyone to work around a shared space.

N4.4 – Quiet Walk-in

This quiet walk-in room uses cubicles to provide extra privacy when working alone. Convenient for students with a chromebook or even pen and paper, a respectful quiet is maintained to ensure your work goes uninterrupted.

You can freely use this room whenever you like during the library’s opening hours.

N4.5 – Walk-in Study Space

Another free to use walk-in room, this study space affords more communication. Providing comfy seats and desks, students can sit together and maintain their discussions while they study.

While it doesn’t require any bookings, it means privacy cannot be guaranteed.

N4.8 – Collaboration Room (Bookable)

The collaboration room is the largest available space for study groups to assemble in the library. Bookable via the front desk, N4.8 affords a spacious and well equipped area for learning. The various monitors in the room make it ideal for conveying presentations or lessons, and the many chairs and desks provide plenty of places to work.

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