Loanable Items

Fife College students and staff can access a variety of library resources, including physical texts and journals, e-resources, chrombooks and other miscellaneous equipment such as headphones, chargers and more.
Some campuses will even have unique loans, such as Ipads for jewellery students or light boxes and drawing tablets.

Loaning Items

Students and staff are able to request the loan of an item from the library staff. The approach to each loan will vary depending on the item. You will be contacted via email to inform you when your loan is approaching its expiry date, and you will receive further emails and even phone calls should the item remain overdue.

Books/ journals – physical copies of books and journals found on the library shelves may be brought to the front desk in order to be issued to your library account. Alternatively, you may wish to use the self-service machines (You will need an activated NEC for this). Books are typically loaned on a 4 week basis, and can be renewed up to 3 times. Journals are often only available for 1 weeks loans, and its worth double checking the text isn’t a reference only item (must not leave the library).
Students can borrow up to 6 items at any given time.
Staff have a loan capacity of 10 items.
While you don’t need your NEC to loan anything from the library, you will need to know your college ID details (such as your student number).

Student Chromebooks – students are entitled to loaning a chromebook to assist with their studies. The library currently offers a 7 day loan service, allowing students to request a chromebook for the week. All subsequent renewals of the device will require it to be physically brought into the library so its condition might be verified. Providing there is no waiting list, students can renew there chromebook as often as necessary.
These cannot be renewed using the self-service machines or via an online/telephone request. If the device remains overdue for too long, it will be remotely switched off and become unusable.

Miscellaneous Item Loans – additional items are available from the library, such as headphones and chargers. These items are only available on a short-term basis, and its requested that they do not leave the library while in use.
Some campuses have unique loans such as ipad for jewellery students. These can only be requested for a single day use, and must be returned before the library closes. You can also request an ipad pencil alongside this loan. The same rules apply for drawing tablets and light boxes.

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